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Bringing a dog into your home can present many challenges. Whether it’s a puppy or an older dog, it is important for them to learn how to live with us cooperatively.¬†We know they should sit and lie down on command, but how does that teach them to live with us?

Behaviors can be taught to any dog with the proper methods. However, a dog that can only respond to a string of commands is not the companion that you hoped for when you first came together.

How do you apply those behaviors to the situations that come up every day?

Can your dog learn to react to a situation appropriately?

What is your dog telling you? Can you approach training from a dog’s point of view for better, faster results?


Make Training a Positive Experience

We can teach our dogs what TO do, and actually enjoy the process. It may be possible to suppress undesirable behavior using averse methods and is usually a click fix. However, we risk damaging our relationship with our dog, and possibly creating new undesirable behaviors.

When you understand why dogs do what they do, you can approach your training in a way that will allow them to learn quickly.










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